Instant Approval Mini Lease – Startups OK!

Equipment Small Business Financing Option

Instant Approval  Equipment Leases for Small Business

  • $500 to $15,000
  • Startups are OK
  • Min FICO 550 Credit Score (that’s very flexible / very low)
These are tiny “Relationship builders” for us. Once you get to $20k+/mo, come back and see us!
These can be used for any small business including…
✅ DJ Equipment
✅ POS machines
✅ Barber & Beauty Salon equipment
✅ Security systems
✅ Photo & Video Equipment
✅ Computers & Mobile Devices
✅ Graphics & Signage
✅ Fitness & Gym

Apply Today!

We’ll need to know some basic info – 

  1. Is the bank account in your personal name, or a formal business (LLC, C Corp, S Corp with an EIN)? Both are allowed but we need to know.
  2. What’s the equipment for?
  3. How’s your credit? We can be fairly flexible, it doesn’t have to be perfect, but we need to check it.

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