AR Financing

Accounts Receivable Financing

What usually happens in a small business operational flow? Let me give you a heads-up so you will understand what we mean.

Businesses thrive because of the business owner and client relationship. It is a give and take process where both profit.  As the owner of the business, you have to provide the needs and orders of your client. However, in order to stay in the game and top other competitors, you have to offer flexible payment terms to your clients. Others may need 10, 30, or even longer days to pay their account payables which is considered as your account receivables. This marketing strategy causes a cashflow gap and creates financial problems to purchase goods to make the product, pay workers to finish the product, and secure funds to deliver the product. This then hinders business growth!

How can this problem be solved?

We offer an Accounts Receivable Financing wherein you can avail as high as 80% of your Accounts Receivables within 24 to 48 hours! Amazing, right? You do not need to wait for days to get your receivables because we will do it for you. Your cash flow gap will be bridged and you can surely continue your business operations without thinking about where to get your funding. It doesn’t even stop there because what is even better is, it is not even considered a loan but selling your asset: the receivables. Therefore, you acquire no debt in the process.

How does it work? Upon approval, you get to have 80% of your receivables and the remaining 20% will be given to you upon the payment of your customer’s invoice minus the typical 5% or less discount we offer.

Cashflow gap problem solved! You have not only resolved the cashflow gap but you have also ensured the continuity of your business operations. This will also help build your business and increase the number of clients who get to choose the terms of their account payables. Remember, more clients mean bigger growth in the business. If you are able to give your customers more choices for them to enjoy and benefit from, you are creating an edge far advanced than the other business competitors.

 Since it is an asset selling, you can be approved even if you have low credit score at the moment of your application because it is more focused on the credit worthiness of your customers. You just have to make sure that your business has been operational for over a year. The lending credit investigators will do credit background checking of your creditors and do follow up calls for collection and payment activities. You do not need to do anything! You just have to continue doing what you do best and that is continuous production of your products and growing your business!

Apply now and receive your pre-qualification within 4 days and the final approval will usually be completed in 3 weeks or less. If finally approved, you can get your 80% funding of your future account receivables within 24 hours! So easy right? You don’t have to wait for days to solve your problems because we will do it for you.

Message us and as always, we will be delighted to assist your needs!